About Us

Published on January 23, 2011, 11:03 am

Vietnam Impressive Travel - Best Tour by local since 2002 !

Vietnam Impressive Travel company was established by group of professional travel guide since 2002 with the aim to bring the best abilities and experienced during the time-guided to give the best travel advisor for the travellers coming to visit Vietnam country ,so with our desire to bring you the most impressive trip when you are in vietnam holiday so  we  do not sell cheap and bad quality products. We take personally care to choose the transportation, interview guides, select hotels and restaurants to make sure all is in accordance to our commitment of standard.

We are special in organize tailor-made package tours and small group  that will ease the process of planning for your Vietnam travel and ensure an unmatched travel experience. We leverage our local expertise to match your budget and requirements to deliver on that "Vietnam Experience" with oomph.

We are offering you a wide range of customized and independent travel opportunities. We are experts at tailoring unique itineraries for individuals, a group of friends or for families.

We are full travel services agency in addition to your sightseeing tours , we also arrange your accommodations , car rental , international & domestic fights , professional & helpful tour guide and other logistics in advance

Why Us...?

Visit Vietnam Travel Advisor is a full-scale travel company in Vietnam with highly specialized tours. Since we are adept with heart and soul of Vietnam, we make a difference to your Vietnam travel plans. We take you deep into the Vietnam tradition as we are well acquainted with its every nook and corner. Although it may not be possible to express our qualities through words, following constitutes an attempt to give you a cursory picture.

But also ….

We never satisfied with what currently have
"It is a pleasure checking your site with its personal touch and useful information in perfect English", "You are a wonderful company", "Never had any problems", those are what our customers speak about us. To that end, we improve our speed of reply under professional manner with extensive knowledge. Continued progress to send executives for inspection and staff trainning to keep up to date products. Develop tight relationships to hoteliers and suppliers to make sure no single issue pops up.

We make a difference……?

Let us make a claim at the outset. Yes, we make a difference in the lives of travelers. You must be wondering as how it can be possible since we are not more than a travel agency. Well, we deliver authentic Vietnam traveling experiences and that is what is makes us stand apart in our profession. We do it with utmost care, compassion, and sense of responsibility. Our vast customer feedback forms the bedrock of our travel services. What’s more! Our expert guides make you interact with the best of Vietnam. When we say best, it means the ‘real’ culture of Vietnam, its tradition, its people, its villages, its customs, its rituals, its ethos….and much more that’s real. Nothing is taken casually at our doors!

Quality is nothing more than Commitment to ones work

In the business of tours and travel, one of the most fundamental points is to provide reliable services. We at Vietnam Travel Advisor are guided by this philosophy and this is what make us lead throughout. We always make sure to provide one of the travel experiences and being committed to this makes us lead compared to our counterparts. As our company is full of talent with highly trained professionals, we serve you in the best possible ways. These experts help us to give due attention to detail and that is where we win.

Key Features

    * Every tour is planned intelligently in order to make you reach to the optimum traveling experience
    * We believe in ‘value for money’. We charge you reasonably as we are firmly rooted to reason in our pursuits
    * Our endeavor is not confined to run a travel agency. Travel is our passion rather.

Right People, Right Attitude, Right Outcomes

 Vietnam Travel Advisor make sure to give you the best of Vietnam travel experience. That is what makes us lead in our endeavor. As we have the right team of travel experts in every department of ours, this is what makes us win every time when travelers rely on us. Since they carry the right attitude we make sure that your tour goes the right way. In fact, we understand the word ‘right’ and that is what guides our team in whatever they do. One of the other factors that make us stand apart is our capacity to go beyond the obvious. It means that unlike other travel agencies, we take you to the best possible places even without a single glitch. That is what makes your tour and travel all the more  significant and worthwhile.

‘No Hidden Costs’ Policy

We at Vietnam Impressive Travel follow ‘no hidden costs’ policy. In fact, this is what gives us enormous confidence to serve you in the best possible way. That is why we are always ahead of others. Our adhering to this policy further ensures you to rely on us without a tad of doubt. Hence, there is no risk involved with our travel services. All you need to do is ‘relax’ the moment you subscribe to services from Visit Vietnam Travel Advisor.